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Vol. 1. No. 1 (2000)

Ijele is the grandest, most spectacular, colorful magnificent, "spirit" on the continent of Africa. In taking the name "Ijele," the journal announces its aim of bringing full color, grandeur and insight to the study and presentation of the contemporary art of Africa and African Diaspora.

Ijele: Art eJournal is published thrice a year: January, May and September.


Ijele: Art eJournal of the African World is a new online journal of contemporary art and architecture, focusing exclusively on the visual creative expressions of artists in Africa and other regions of the world. It will also engage the work of non-African/non-Diaspora artists who use iconography and symbolisms derived from any of the artistic traditions of Africa. Ijele: Art eJournal provides a forum for scholarly articles of the highest quality, and is devoted to making a major contribution to the advancement of African art studies in universities all over the world. Interviews that illumine the creative politics and philosophy of artists are especially welcome.



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Africa Resource Center, Inc., is pleased to publish Ijele: Art eJournal [IJELE], an ejournal devoted to the promotion of research and scholarship of importance to the global African community and friends of Africa. We are proud to be a viable force in the international arena of African studies. Through our web resource database, online bibliographic list of scholars publication, book publications, sponsorship of journals, and the promotion of artists and poets, we are working to provide specific Africa-relevant materials for the global community. In the near future, we will expand our list of offerings to include customized educational modules for online courses on Africa.

For educational purposes this site may be linked to others on the WWW. Commercial use of any material contained on these web pages is strictly prohibited. Everything published here is the property of Africa Resource Center. Every effort has been made to ensure compliance with requirements of copyright clearance and appropriate credits. Please bring any omission to our attention.

For further information on Ijele: Art eJournal of the African World contact Nkiru Nzegwu, Editor-in-Chief.

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